Tetu Aberdares Water & Sanitation Company LTD

Objectives and Purposes

  1. To provide Water and Sanitation services within Tetu District of the Central Province of Kenya.
  2. To obtain the necessary licenses, permits and warranties necessary to provide services in accordance with statues spelt out in SPA,
  3. To maintain, rehabilitate, replace and renew the assets for the purpose of generating revenue,
  4. To develop programmes for development and improvements of the assets so as to enhance service delivery and generate revenue for the company,
  5. To meter, connect, disconnect, re-connect and collect revenue from the sale of water services to consumers within the defined area of jurisdiction,
  6. To hire and retain skilled and competent personnel to fulfill the financial and administrative functions of the Company while protecting the environment.


TETU ABERDARE WATER & SANITATION COMPANY P. O. Box 1089 – 10100, NYERI Telephone: 061 2034164, Mobile: 0796-976-937 E-Mail: teawasco@gmail.com ADDEDUM Reference is made to our Daily Nation Advert dated 9th May 2023 on tenders and Registration of suppliers for supply of goods and Provision of Services for the Financial Year 2023-2024-2025. We would like to inform Members of Public on the extension of the opening of the following from 26th May 23, 2023 to 2 nd June 2023. 1. TEAWASCO/OT/014/2023-2025: Provision of General Insurance 2. All the registration of Supplies for Goods and Provision of Services NB: DETAILS OF THE OTHER TENDERS REMAIN THE SAME AND THE OPENING DATE STILL REMAINS 26TH MAY 2023. Members who have already submitted their registration of supplies for goods and provision of services documents, can download the new ones in our website and reapply again once the documents are advertised in the Daily News Paper. MANAGING DIRECTOR, TETU ABERDARE WATER & SANITATION COMPANY LTD P.O. BOX 1089-10100 NYERI




  1. Scrolling down to M-pesa on the phone
  2. Then choose pay bill from the m-pesa menu
  3. Enter business Number 851675
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Enter the seven digits of the account number
  6. Enter your secret PIN and press OK
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pay to our account number 1101961112 and give your seven digit water connection

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Maji Voice Login /Register

Report a leak/Burst


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Dear Esteemed Customer, for pipe burst and leakages kindly contact 0713606859 for assistance. Help us serve you better, Thank you

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